High Paying Chef Jobs In Canada – Apply Now


Are you looking for chef jobs in Canada with free visa sponsorship or do you want to know the qualifications for a cook in Canada so you can start getting your application ready? We’ve got you covered as we will share with you in this ultimate guide the best approaches and steps to land yourself a chef job in Canada. Interestingly, most restaurants, and hotels in Canada looking for cooks offer jobs with visa sponsorship to help applicants from foreign countries get in easily. 

If you’re looking for Chef job opportunities in Canada, you can apply for any of the available job positions below:

Chef Jobs Available In Canada

1. Executive Chef:

Executive chefs plan and direct food preparation and cooking activities, as well as create and cook meals and specialty foods. They are typically employed in restaurants, hotels, and other establishments.


Executive chefs usually require management training and several years of experience in commercial food preparation, including two years in a supervisory role.

  • The position offers an hourly wage ranging from $23 to $26. 
  • It is a full-time, permanent role that does not necessitate an educational degree, certificate, or diploma. 
  • Proficiency in English communication is a requirement. 
  • The weekly work hours will range from 30 to 40. 
  • Prospective candidates should possess between 3 and less than 5 years of work experience.

2. Sous Chef:

Sous chefs assist the executive chef in planning and directing food preparation and cooking activities and creating and cooking meals and specialty foods. They also supervise kitchen staff and help with menu planning.


Requirements: Sous chefs typically need several years of experience in commercial food preparation, along with some supervisory experience.

  • Proficient use of typical kitchen utensils such as stoves, graters, and knives
  • Familiarity with food preparation standards and regulations
  • Exceptional customer service aptitude
  • A comprehensive grasp of quality control, raw materials, and strategies for efficient food production and distribution
  • Familiarity with training methods and curriculum related to food
  • Appreciation for diverse culinary techniques, and flavors, and a willingness to explore new methods
  • A capacity to work in an organized, efficient, and safe manner
  • Adherence to instructions with precision and consistency

3. Pastry Chef:

Pastry chefs specialize in preparing and cooking a variety of desserts, pastries, and baked goods. They are responsible for creating and executing pastry menus, as well as supervising and training pastry staff.


Pastry chefs usually need formal culinary arts training or several years of experience working in the pastry department of a restaurant or bakery.

  • Demonstrate novel cooking methods and instruct kitchen personnel on the operation of new equipment.
  • Prepare and cook entire meals for special events such as banquets.
  • Supervise cooks and other kitchen staff with efficiency.
  • Continuously monitor the tasks of specialist chefs, chefs, cooks, and other kitchen personnel.
  • Accommodate customers with food allergies or intolerances by precisely preparing their meals.
  • Oversee the actions of sous chefs, specialist chefs, chefs, and cooks.
  • Provide training sessions for staff covering the preparation, cooking, and handling of food.


Seize the chance to elevate your career and embark on a culinary journey of personal growth in the welcoming and diverse environment of Canada. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring culinary artist, the boundless opportunities available in this safe work environment make Canada an ideal destination for career advancement. Don’t miss out on exploring these possibilities; just make sure to meet the necessary applicant criteria before applying to enhance your chances of securing a position.